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Pentagram Pentacle Ring

£29.99 inc VAT

Sterling Silver

A five pointed star in a circle can be seen as force or power contained and controlled by divine wisdom - energy is focused and directed.

To some it represents feminine energy and may be used to bind elemental spirits of the earth.

In the Middle Ages, magicians considered the Pentagram more powerful than the cross. Wherever the Pentacle was displayed evil had no power. As an interlaced single line is is considered to be spiritually protective as a "gate-less" symbol. Therefore no evil or undesired energy can enter into the circle of the pattern.

When made from silver, the Pentacle represents moon energy and psychic forces. When crafted from gold, it signifies the sun energies of power and strength.

The Pentagram can symbolise the ruling of higher mind over the lower elements of our being. It marks the awakening of Cosmic consciousness, the beginnings of human psyche moving beyond the realms of physical form and perceptions limited to the five senses. Through the Spirit ruling over the five elements it allows infinite possibilities that exist within the Universe and frees us to explore and grow.

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