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Online Spiritual Shop

Monday 7th May 2018

Prayer candles, incense, oil burners and more; that's what you can find in our online spiritual shop at Powerful Hand. With numerous powerful spiritual products for you to choose from, you can prepare your home, work or self with many of the latest luxury products. Our effective products are just the start of what we can offer you here at Powerful Hand. With our first-class customer service you can expect advice and support on the latest spiritual products and take advantage of our long-standing knowledge regarding psychical items. Many of our products also have various benefits to the hair, skin and body, including, but not limited to; • Acne reduction • Improve metabolism • Muscular pain relief There are, of course, many other benefits such…

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Buy Palo Santo Sticks Online

Monday 23rd April 2018

Are you looking to Buy Palo Santo Sticks online? Whether you want to remove negative energies from your property or release a wonderful scent into your home, we can help you do both with our collection of spiritual products here at Powerful Hand. Used by Native Americans over many centuries, these wonderfully smelling sticks have been a pleasant asset for many people. Not only have they been praised for their smell when burned, but also their 'Holy' nature. Should you have any negativity surrounding you, the Palo Santo sticks can provide you with a peaceful scent to relax your mind. Not only do they come in their natural wood, but also in the form of incense sticks and powder. This…

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Buy Himalayan Salt Online

Thursday 12th April 2018

For ultimate relaxation and to reduce negative ions in the surrounding space of your property, buy Himalayan salt online from our range at Powerful Hand. Whether you're seeking bath crystals or salt lamps, we're confident we have the product you need. Bath Crystals Himalayan bath salt is perfect for use at home to relieve pain, inflamed muscles, heal irritated skin and stimulate blood circulation. We believe this product is just the thing to use after dealing with negative energies throughout the day during work or other important circumstances. Salt Lamps The variety of Himalayan salt lamps we have here at Powerful Hand is second to none. From natural to shaped styles, you can choose from a range of different salt lamps to…

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Buy Prayer Candles Online

Monday 26th March 2018

Candles can hold many pleasant smells and calm oneself in times of stress. If you're seeking to buy prayer candles online, look to our collection at Powerful Hand. With so many different candles to choose from, we're confident you'll find something suited to your needs. Within our selection at Powerful Hand you can enjoy a pleasant scent and concentrate on your desires for up to seven days. There are many different candles specifically created for the saints and religious figures in your life and we're certain you'll love this pleasant addition to expressing your love for them in your home. If you're not sure which candle to choose, we do offer an all-purpose candle to cover anything you need. Whichever…

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Spiritual Shop in South London

Monday 12th March 2018

If you're searching for a local spiritual shop in South London, take a trip to Powerful Hand. With over 100 products for you to choose from, we're confident you'll find something within our No.1 collection of spiritual gifts. We offer a wide selection of unique and luxury spiritual goods. Are you seeking a statue of protection for your home? Perhaps you desire peace during your working week and are looking for a peace mojo bag that you can take with you wherever you go. We certainly have a wide array of things for you to choose from. Our variety of goods includes many soaps, candles and other pleasant products you can use. Here are just a few we have available…

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